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Reserve your berth today. Reservations require one month payment in advance for either your anchorage or your buoy. We have limited space so insure your mooring by reserving today. We operate on first come basis. 

Anchorage Reservation $150.00 USD           Buoy Reservation $300 USD


Servicios disponibles en Puerto Amistad includio:

  •      Amarras
  •      Dinghy Dock
  •      Distribución de agua purificada
  •      Diesel Entrega
  •      Servicio de lavandería
  •      Excelentes duchas de agua caliente
  •      Restaurante y Bar
  •      DirecTV en el bar
  •      Internet inalámbrico
  •      Limpieza Bottom


  • 2018 PRICES

    • MOORING: (Front and Aft Buoy)

      $300.00 (prepaid monthly Postpay add $50)

      $100.00 (Prepaid weekly)

      $ 18.00 (per day*)

    • SPIN MOORING: (Single Buoy)

      $360.00 (prepaid monthly Postpay add $50)

      $ 20.00 (per day*)

    • Anchor $5.00 (per day*)

    • Purified water: $2.00/Bottle

    • Non-Potable but filtered water available at Dingy Dock Free
    • Laundry: $0.60 (per pound)

    • Cleaning of exterior sailboat: $1.15 (per foot of vessel)

    • Diesel, Propane and Gasoline available at the maintenance dock.
    • Agency International Check In / Check Out 

    • $350.00 In-Out International 

    • $240.00 In/Out National

    • 300.00 In International/Out National

    •  (it includes port captain, migration, customs, taxi driver, agency)

    • Pilot for entry or entry or departure $35.00

        (Prices includes all taxes)

    Additional services include Woodwork, Electrical Work, Sail Repair, and Refrigeration

    *All prices subject to $1.67 per day with post pay option

    Self Check-in Procedures and costs

  • Pilot for entry or entry or departure $35.00

   (Prices include all taxes)

Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros por e-mail para las tasas actuales.

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