Where In The World is Puerto Amistad?

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Puerto Amistad is located in Bahía de Caráquez, known locally as simply "Bahía" just thirty six nautical miles south of the Equator. It's conveniently on the way for anyone leaving Panama bound for the Galapagos on the Coconut Milk Run. It's also a very safe place to leave your boat while you travel to the highlands of Ecuador, Peru, the rest of South America, or visit back home. Some people come and end up staying a year.
You'll find it's also the most economical, safe place, to leave your boat by far. Because Bahía is located in a dry tropical zone, your boat won't suffer from the mold and mildew that is rampant in wet tropical locations such as Panama. Also, tropical thunderstorms and their accompanying lightening is virtually unheard of here. If you're thinking of coming here from Panama, consider leaving early in the winter to take advantage of the northerly winds, then stay here until the southerly trades start and enjoy an easier sail to the Galapagos Islands.

Puerto Amistad Yacht Club is located after the bridge on the right while headed into town. Google Maps does not yet support an exact laocation for the Marina.

See the second map below.


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