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From the beginning we didn't know much about Ecuador and the Ecuadorian people. But after three weeks here in Bahía and a trip to the Andes we know how beautiful this country is and how nice the people are. We have enjoyed your hospitality. For sure we will recommend this safe place to all our cruising friends.

-- S/V Circe, Denmark

Bahía & Ecuador - A very nice and friendly place and country. We have enjoyed the place and stayed much longer than planned.

Bahía de Caráquez is probably the best place along the Equator and South America to leave your boat for land travel in this beautiful country.

I have spread the word to other cruising sailors.

-- S/V Pacific Pearl, Sweden

After one month here in Bahía we sadly leave for the Galapagos and all points west until we return to New Zealand. The people of Bahía and Ecuador have made both of us welcome and have been friendly towards us also. We enjoyed our inland travel, and will leave with very fond memories of Ecuador and it's people. 

-- S/V Seabride, New Zealand

I liked the place so much, I decided to swallow the hook and build a marina!

-- S/V Walkabout, United States

After wonderful eight weeks in Ecuador we are now ready to move on.

We are looking back to a most enjoyable time in Puerto Amistad and wish you all the best for the future development of your marina.

Many thanks and all the best!

--S/Y Saadine, Germany

"Puerto Amistad para servirle!"   Much more than an advertising slogan... It's beautiful truth!

Thank you Maye and Tripp. We really enjoyed our stay in Bahía from December 26, 2004 to March 12, 2005. We wish you the best for your life and your business. 

Muchas gracias tambien a Carlos y Roberto!

-- S/V Slow Motion, Switzerland

We have had a great two weeks in Bahia. It's been good to be here at the beginning of a fantastic project. Thanks to all the staff and the management for all their help. 

The world is a small place and we shall return.

S/V Tacks, Ireland

Bahía, an excellent and interesting place. Look for fossilized shark's teeth on the beach to the South. They're BIG!

Good times all around. Too bad I didn't get to see the grand opening. I wish you the best.

S/V Dreamland, United States

Thank you for still taking time to be very good hosts - even while you're so busy getting your marina built. The service has been excellent. We will spread the good news on Bahía.

S/V Citation, Canada

Pat and I are very thankful for your assistance, support, and congeniality - but most of all for your continued kindness and humor.

We wish you the best in making Puerto Amistad a center of attraction for locals and visiting cruisers. We were glad to see it in it's establishment stages and look forward to visiting again after it's completion.

Thanks and we'll spread the word of Puerto Amistad and staff.

--S/V Crusader, United States

Thank you all for your warm welcome when we came in unexpectedly. We'd like to stay longer but can't change our plans. Puerto Amistad is one of the few places we'll recommend to our friends and without any doubt is going to have a great future.

--S/V Pura Vida, Germany

Once again thanks a lot for your advice, friendly words, enthusiasm, etc. etc. We found Bouskoura in a perfect state when we returned from our inland trip. You're doing a lot of good work. A perfect job! Hope all things will succeed for Puerto Amistad. We enjoyed it very much and we're thankful to meet people like you both and your wonderful staff.

--S/V Bouskoura II, Holland

First five months and back for another month. Bahía and her folk are wonderful, friendly, and quite welcoming. Thank you for a wonderful experience and lovely memories!

--S/V Perigrinata, Canada

From June, 2004 to May, 2005 we left "Incognita" in the safe hands of our new friends Tripp and Maye. It has been a wonderful experience, great location to leave your boat for extended visits to the SA continent. The marina is developing at a rapid rate and we wish Puerto Amistad continued success in the coming years. Tripp "The Man" and Maye "Our Smiling Angel." Thank you so much for all of your help during our time here. The word is out. This is "THE" place. Stay healthy and happy.

--S/V Incognita, Canada

It's kind of sad: we leave tomorrow for Patagonia and leave you guys behind. Not only that: we will miss your wedding celebration and party. That hurts most!

You are creating a good place here for sailors. We will make promotion for you. There will be many more Germans, so beware of them :)

Thank you so much for your hospitality. We hope to see you again in a couple of years. And then we hope you have a big family. OK Maye?

--S/V Ludus Amoris, Germany

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